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Visit us at our INDOOR Winter Market
Harvey Browne Presbyterian Church
311 Browns Lane
Saturday Morning 10 to 1
January 9th until April 30th

Welcome to Grannys Delights, your source for old fashioned home made quality products.

We feature Potato Bread, Potato Bread Rolls, Fruit Breads, the very finest in fresh vegetables, as well as all types of canned items.

Our goal is to remind everyone of those "good ole days". Perhaps we can rekindle happy times for you. Going to Grandma's house for those fresh picked vegetables, pulling a pickle from a stone crock jar, eating fresh bread made by loving hands. Enjoying a slice of fruit and nut bread from fruits right out of the orchard. Marveling at the bounty of Granny's well stocked pantry and all the canned goodies you would enjoy in the winter months ahead. These are all memories of our Granny's house. We hope we can stir up your memories as well.

We are licensed by the Commonwealth of Kentucky. We have both the home based processor license as well as the home based microprocessor license. All items are grown and processed on our farm and sold at various farmers markets here in Kentucky.