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We started our Grannys Delights products after many years of serving these items to our friends and family. We had always shared the bounty of our garden with family and then started selling the excess at our local farmers market. We realized how much we enjoyed this and continued to expand. Finally we decided to do this full time. We obtained our home based processor license as well as our home based microprocessor licensed as required by the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

We are definitely a family organization as our grown children help us in this venture. Our summer is a busy time with 16 hours days, six days a week. We always reserve Sunday for a time of worship, family and some relaxation. Winter is a little more relaxed with time spent planning for the upcoming busy season and experimenting with some new recipes.

We sell our products at farmers markets here in Kentucky. Under the terms of our current licenses with the Commonwealth of Kentucky we are only allowed to sell our products at farmers markets, on our premises or at certified roadside stands. Later we may continue to expand by obtaining a necessary licenses in order to sell our products over the internet. While we may not ship our produts out of state, you can certainly order our products and then pick them up at one of our markets.