Fruit Bread
Zucchini Nut
Fresh zucchini and just the right blend of spices make our zucchini bread a favorite with our regular customers. Made with and without chocolate chips!
Banana Squash
Here's a way to sneak some vegetables into our children's ( and Husband's) diet. We add fresh yellow squash to our banana bread. This makes it more nutritious as well as adding to the texture. Just don't tell them it is good for them.
Fruit and Nut
Made from the finest quality fresh fruits. This bread is great served at breakfast or as a nutritional snack. We use the very best ripe apples and just the right blend of spices. And as always, you can be assured that you are serving an all natural product with no artificial sweeteners or preservatives.
$4.00 per loaf $4.00 per loaf $4.00 per loaf
Green Tomato
If you like old fashioned Jam cake , then you will love this unusual bread. As one of our most requested breads our green tomato bread contains the same spices as Jam cake.
Carrot Nut
As Mom's we want to serve snacks that are healthy. With the addition of fresh carrots we've added extra nutrition to this snack. Carrot nut bread is great sliced and topped with cream cheese.
A special treat all year long, pumpkin bread is a favorite item. Wonderful by itself or topped with cream cheese. For a sinfully special desert try it topped with pumpkin ice cream and a little caramel sauce.
$4.00 per loaf $4.00 per loaf $4.00 per loaf
Strawberry Nut
This is a seasonal bread since we use only fresh hand picked strawberries. The tartness of the strawberries along with the addition of walnuts makes this one of the fasted selling breads we make.
Blueberry Zucchini
Fresh blueberries added to our original zucchini bread make this new item a remarkably good treat.
Sweet Potato
$4.00 per loaf $4.00 per loaf $4.00 per loaf